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Writer + voice-over artist. Soon to-be certified life coach. Boxed wine aficionado. Email list:

If your goal is like a mountain, this will help you commit to climbing it by 1% each day.

Do you ever feel like you’re working your ass off, but you have no idea if you’re getting any closer to achieving your goals?

You clearly see your goal. And you know you must be taking steps forward because of how hard you’re slaving away. But you still feel far as hell from it?

Your parents and friends ask you what you’ve been doing all day, and you’re not sure how to answer them? Which is pretty wild since you feel like your brain just ran an iron man?

Your goal is this daunting mountain that’s always taunting you to…

We’re all motivated by something.

Three men were laying brick. The first was asked, “what are you doing?” He answered: Laying some brick. The second man was asked: what are you working for? He answered: for five dollars a day. The third man was asked what are you doing? He answered: I am helping to build a great cathedral. Which man are you?

— Charles Schwab

Our motivation behind anything in life is transactional or transformational.

Some of you may have heard this concept regarding different leadership styles, especially if you’ve worked in the corporate world.

There are many facets of our life. For this…

Definition of Mindset:

The established set of attitudes held by someone.

— Oxford Dictionary

You’ve read the self-improvement books. You’ve attended workshops or retreats. You’ve gone to therapy or worked with a coach. You’ve worked meditating into your morning routine. Hell, you even created a morning routine.

You’ve tried a ton of different avenues to achieve a healthier mindset.

You know your mindset is your greatest navigation piece; it operates as your GPS through life.

You follow where it leads you. Sometimes it feels like you’re gliding through life, feeling awesome. …

Do you ever feel you’re so laser-focused on where you want to go that you forget where you are?

You feel as if you don’t deserve to enjoy yourself, or you can’t enjoy yourself until you’ve “made it?”

You can’t shut your brain off. It’s constantly drifting towards work. Strategizing next steps and how to implement them.

You see the destination you want to arrive at one day, and until you do, it’s near impossible to focus on anything else.

What would happen if you took a moment off from strategizing and instead took some time to stargaze?

What would…

Discomfort = Transformation

Definition of uncomfortable:

Cause or feeling of slight pain or physical discomfort

Causing or feeling of unease or awkwardness

Feeling uncomfortable sucks. As stated above, you can feel as if you’re suffocating in a spiral of unease. Or stranded in a constant state of awkwardness. It’s a deafening type of awkwardness. The inescapable type, even if you’re alone. Hidden under your covers, attempting to disappear from the world and return when the unease has eased up.

Discomfort makes you want to squirm out of your skin and inhabit a different body for a while. The second the feeling arises, you’re…

Success is an ocean, not a swimming pool.

Do you ever see someone get a job or opportunity you want and it just pisses you off?

You see someone else living your dream and you become enraged?

Your rage turns into hopelessness, despair even.

Why am I even trying? Why do I work so hard? When will my turn come? Where are my opportunities? If they got this opportunity I so badly wanted, is there another opportunity out there for me?

Maybe you even feel that you work harder than this person who got this thing you so badly wanted. You may practice more. You may put your…

My business partner and I were sweating in an un-air-conditioned studio apartment in LA on a rare 95-degree day. We were in the middle of filming a low-budget web series shoot. The type of shoot where you curse the fact you agreed to it, but after some reflection, you realize how much fun it was.

The gorgeous actress whose apartment we were filming in (She’s now a series regular on a huge network show, ayyy!) was moving empty bottles of champagne off her fireplace mantle out of our filming frame.

Each bottle of champagne bottles had a sharpie written note…

Do not let fear or denial narrate your story

“How are you doing?” is a very simple and potentially loaded question. It’s usually met with falsities. “I’m good, I’m great, I’m okay.”

So whenever someone answers honestly, it’s refreshing. It’s surprising when someone will let you see their rain cloud instead of their sunshine.

I asked a friend this question recently, and instead of getting the normal brushed off “Everything’s chill, I’m grateful I’m alive.” — she didn’t mince words and revealed she felt like absolute shit.

She recently started a small creative company. She’s trying to escalate from offering her work Au Gratis to getting some paying clients.

And if we’re just surviving, we’re definitely not thriving.

All horses are born wild. At some point in their lineage, they didn’t know any difference from being wild. We broke horses of their wildness so we can use them. For travel, for farming, for entertainment.

They became integral parts of our society and survival once they were broken. Broken of their wildness.

This thought came to be as my boyfriend and I were watching the TV show Vikings. Where horses are used in battle and as transportation between faraway lands.

“Horses must like to be ridden,” I mused. “Because they continue letting us ride them.”

“No, these horses were…

Create your own definition and let that guide your actions

Showing up is something that can be very simple in practicality but is not always easy. Sometimes it’s actually the hardest thing to do. And it really is the most vital step to living the life you’re capable of living.

Upon googling “Show Up,” here are a few definitions that appeared:

  • To be consciously or clearly visible
  • To arrive or turnout for a social event or gathering
  • To be plainly evident
  • To become involved with others and make an active contribution

Other interchangeable words for showing up were: Present, emerge, be, turn out and come on the scene.

Like with most definitions, the most powerful ones are of your own creation.

They provide…

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