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Certified coach, writer, and voice-over artist. Boxed wine aficionado. Email list:

If your goal is like a mountain, this will help you commit to climbing it by 1% each day.

Do you ever feel like you’re working your ass off, but you have no idea if you’re getting any closer to achieving your goals?

You clearly see your goal. And you know you must be taking steps forward because of how hard you’re slaving away. But you still feel far as hell from it?

Your parents and friends ask you what you’ve been doing all day, and you’re not sure how to answer them? Which is pretty wild since you feel like your brain just ran an iron man?

Your goal is this daunting mountain that’s always taunting you to…

We’re all motivated by something.

Three men were laying brick. The first was asked, “what are you doing?” He answered: Laying some brick. The second man was asked: what are you working for? He answered: for five dollars a day. The third man was asked what are you doing? He answered: I am helping to build a great cathedral. Which man are you?

— Charles Schwab

Our motivation behind anything in life is transactional or transformational.

Some of you may have heard this concept regarding different leadership styles, especially if you’ve worked in the corporate world.

There are many facets of our life. For this…

Your level of self-confidence or lack thereof creates the lens you see life through. It dictates how you show up, communicate with yourself and others, and make decisions. It has a say in how you take risks, how you socialize, go after your dreams, and seeps into the thoughts that run through your head as you drift off to sleep.

In all the media you consume, you’re flooded with images of people who exude confidence in all the media you consume.

“If only I was more confident I could do…”

“If I had confidence, I would be…”

“Wow, they’re so…

I’ve recently been exploring what I thought life was supposed to be like. My thoughts keep finding themselves in a state of wondering… what I expected my time here to be like.

What I thought it was going to feel like.

How the external world I live in and the internal energy swirling inside of me co-exist?

Do we spend more time wondering about what we thought life was supposed to be like rather than actually being in life?

Do we spend more time wadding in our past or sprinting towards our future that we forget to just be? Do…

“If only I had more confidence, I could… go after my deepest desire, take that brave action, not crave so much outward validation, etc;”

These thoughts would echo through my brain on repeat. Constantly propelling the narrative that I wasn’t confident enough.

And to be fair, my lack of confidence has at times stopped me from going after the experiences I truly desire.

I attempted to take more confident actions. I was “doing” things that I hoped would propel me into a confident state. But I didn’t allow myself to change my inner narrative.

I had expected from taking these…

As I raced to finish editing hoards of voice-over auditions, my brain played its typical Monday game.

Ah, I know I scheduled this zoom, or webinar, or online class, or meeting. But now I’m in the thick of 8 million tasks and regretting it. I curse myself for not canceling earlier and wonder when I’ll learn my lesson to stop scheduling things on Monday afternoon. When undoubtedly this happens every week.

I had signed up for an Unlikely conversation.

It was a free 1-hour online conversation moderated by a coach. I did not know how many people would be there…

Your dreams get funneled into one of two categories. A wish, or an actual goal.

You deeply desire your dreams. You care about them immensely. How close you are to reaching them can define your levels of happiness. How integrated they are in your life can affect your self-worth or how well you deem your life to be going.

Your dream is valid. Your dream has meaning. What you do with it will determine if your dream stays a wish of your heart, or if it becomes a goal that you pursue.

Since your dreams hold a lot of meaning…

My last class to get my coaching certification was Entrepreneurship 101. I’ve always loved entrepreneurship and have even started a few boutique companies over the years.

My teacher asked if we would consider ourselves a worker bee, a CEO, or a combination of both.

A worker bee gets off on demolishing their to-do list. They know how to time-manage like a champ. They engage in some serious hustle. They’re not afraid of the dirty work. Hell, they prefer it.

A CEO has the vision. They engage in higher-level thinking and strategizing. They prioritize time to look at the systems put…

My brother started training to become a firefighter last week. The facility he’s training at is considered the “west point” of fireman training… at least that’s what he told me.

His journey getting to his point unfolded in a true coming of age fashion. My brother wanted to go into the army. My mom convinced him to study graphic design because of his amazing art skills. Then he wanted to become a police officer. My mom sent him to Los Angeles to live with me and pursue acting. …

Are you curious about who you are?

Why you are the way you are?

How you take up space in this world?

The dreams and passions you hold and why they’re meant for you?

The people you welcomed into your life and the impact you make in theirs?

Are you interested in yourself and the deep dwellings in your head and your heart?

You will spend every second of your life with yourself. From the moment you come into this world to the moment you leave it. You will never have a moment where you’re not with yourself.

Your soul…

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